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Scandinavian Pattern Collection

Scandinavian Pattern Collection is a joint project of “AND FIKA” (Tokyo Japan) and Swedenstyle (Stockholm Sweden) established in February 2014.

We work with market consulting and business planning/branding to support both clients and our designers. We have 35 established Scandinavian designers, and we hope to expand the variations of designers in the future. The aim of Scandinavian Pattern Collection is to spread our idea of collaboration between Scandinavian design and Japanese craftsmanship with various products and markets. Our clients in Japan are among others, Uniqlo, Isetan, Aeon group, LOFT, Ogawa umbrella, Volvo Japan, Actus and Sangetsu interior.

The company Swedenstyle with Yuka Bruselid in Stockholm, presents Swedish design and culture to the Japanese market and work closely with a small number of selected Swedish designers. Together we attempt to sell, build and create a long term relationship with our partners in Japan.

“AND FIKA” by Sachiko Imaizumi in Tokyo Japan, is a licensing agency focusing on Nordic properties, having good contacts and strong network through years of experience in brand marketing in Japan.

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